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Visit us at our Booth to see our Selection of Movie Props!

Do you want to do two fun things at one booth at Salt Lake FanX ? Come over to our booth Thursday through Saturday at Fanx (C1 at the Creator Row(s) by the celebrity photo ops) to both learn about Mochi Bento and look at our selection of movie props for sale.

We have props from a wide variety of fandoms, from "Sailor Moon" and "Fruits Basket" original anime production sketches and cells to clothing from hit Marvel movies, such as "Captain America: Civil War," "Deadpool," and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". We even have a rare, original 1980 Lucasfilm executive jacket for sale and movie outfits worn by stars such as Paul Rudd, Johnny Depp, and Michelle Williams.

Contact us for more details, or visit us at our booth (check out our previous post for a comprehensive map) Thursday through Saturday!

We will also be having giveaways. One of the prizes will be an original production cell from the 1967 Teen Titans animated series. It will be from the episode "Monster Machine".

Some of the fandoms you can expect to see props from:

Resident Evil


Captain America

Sailor Moon


Star Wars

Teen Titans

Littlest Pet Shop

Captain America

Fruits Basket



Batman vs. Superman


Amityville the Awakening

A sneak peek of some props below:

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